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27 Feb 2018


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 24 Jul 2012

Timelapse recordings make it look like time is going much faster. The effect can be used for many creative purposes and it is not difficult to obtain it. Essentially, it is a video recording, with a lower frame rate, but you can also use a photo camera to get the same result. With GBTimelapse, you can use your camera's software on your computer, make various adjustments and more. Using various Canon EOS cameras, the application will take snapshots continuously, at a rate of your choosing, to create timelapse sequences.

The setup package is a self extracting ZIP archive. Once you extract the contents, the setup wizard will launch automatically and it will guide you through a few, straightforward stages. The entire installation process will not take long, so you can have the software up and running in less than a minute.

As previously mentioned, GBTimelapse works with various EOS camera models, manufactured by Canon. When the software is launched for the first time, you will have to select your camera's group, according to its introduction period and its ability to change the AEMode remotely. Different lists of camera models will make it easier to select a group.

Your camera's output is displayed in the larger area of the interface. You may click different tabs, in the same area, to see a live view, still images, a history and a session log. If you engage the live view, the software will use your camera like a webcam. The available options allow you to manually focus your camera or use its auto focus options, without touching the camera. You can take snapshots, with the program's functions, to see if your settings are correct.

Before it displays anything, you need to connect your camera to GBTimelapse. A series of controls are located under different tabs, on the left side of the interface. If your camera is plugged into your computer, you can use these controls to scan for it and connect it. If you connect multiple cameras to your computer, the software will detect and list them, making it possible to switch from one camera to another, without any effort. It is also possible to run GBTimelapse multiple times and record multiple timelapses in parallel.

The controls for starting a timelapse capture are located in the same area. You will find options to start, pause, resume or stop the capture. The application is capable of continuous capturing, according to a time interval, which you can define with the aid of three counters. Alternatively, you may click a different start button to capture for an indefinite time period. It is possible to set the program to use the camera's shutter in various ways. You can opt for a single release, bulb, continuous or live capture for a number of seconds. You can also select custom bracketing for exposure, white balance or high dynamic range (HDR). Clicking the buttons, next to these settings, will "press" the shutter or press it half way. The camera's settings can be adjusted in the lower left region of the interface. Besides displaying the selected AEMode, GBTimelapse allows you to select a different ISO rating, drive mode, metering, image quality and so on.


The software is capable of creating timelapse sequences, using a DSLR camera. It lets you focus the camera and adjust its settings, without touching the camera itself. GBTimelapse will take continuous snapshots, according to your settings and create timelapse sequences automatically. The software is lightweight and if you know how to use a camera, you will have no difficulties with GBTimelapse.


Certain camera models are not supported. GBTimelapse makes it possible to use your Canon DSLR camera to create timelapse recordings. Its functions allow you to adjust and use your camera's settings on your computer, enabling you to create high quality recordings.



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